Call for Papers

The organizing committee for the 10th Annual International Conference on Environmental Science 2022 invites participants to present results of their research for oral or poster presentation. Researches that focus on key environmental agenda that include: biodiversity and conservation, climate change, environmental impact assessment, ecosystem system restoration, among others are highly encouraged. The 10th ACES’ theme embraces the following two principles for Ecosystem Restoration that guide the United Nations’ Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030:


  • Principle 7: Ecosystem Restoration is based on well-defined short-, medium- and long-term ecological, cultural and socio-economic objectives and goals;
  • Principle 8: Ecosystem Restoration is tailored to the local ecological, cultural and socio-economic contexts, while considering the larger landscape or seascape.

As the conference aims to provide opportunities for research updates and discussion on researches and issues on environmental science, we look forward to active participation and collaborative exchange of ideas among students, environmental practitioners, and scientists in the field.


The abstract of original researches that focus on the following topics are invited for either full oral or poster presentations:

  • Blue Carbon Ecosystems
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Aquatic (Fisheries) Ecosystems
  • Policy and Governance